Holistic Healing from Trauma

Heal the effects of trauma on your body, mind and soul and create a life where you can THRIVE.

You have suffered a traumatic event(s) that has changed your life.

You used to be a strong, independent, vibrant woman. You excelled in all aspects of your life; failing was never an option. You were the kind of women that other women wanted to be. Coworkers, peers and family both adored and envied you.

You have become a shell of that woman. The trauma has taken over and seeped into every part of who you are. You no longer feel like you’re living, you’re simply existing. No one could possibly understand how much it takes to get through each day. You exist in a dark, empty hopeless place, you are numb.

You no longer feel good physically. Nutrition and exercise are no longer important, they take too much effort.

Your relationships are empty, you don’t feel like you have anything to contribute to them anymore and they fail to be a priority.

The successful career that you’ve been building has stalled.  You no longer have a desire to advance, just showing up takes everything you’ve got.

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Dear Trauma Survivor:

I know the normalcy that you long for…

Right now, you’re going through the motions and putting up a tough front. You are all things to the people around you, but none of those people understand the profound change deep within you.

Trauma has taken over your body, mind and soul. You’ve gone from a strong, vibrant woman who loved life, to someone who simply exists.

You want to be the woman you were BEFORE trauma took over and changed your life. You mourn the woman you once were and despise the victim you’ve become.

You dream of a day when you can move forward, a day when trauma is something you experienced not who you are, a day when you can truly live again!

You Desire:

  • Understanding
  • A healthy and strong body
  • The ability to feel real emotions, including happiness
  • To clear the “fog” and gain clarity
  • To be able to communicate with those close to you
  • To feel calm and peaceful

Most importantly, you want to find a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy place where you can live your life to the fullest!

The problem is:

You are overcome by pain, so much that you actually feel numb.  It takes everything you have to get up and function, much less thrive.

Maybe you:

  • Are experiencing physical symptoms and/or illness?
  • Suffer from anxiety?
  • Are in jeopardy at your workplace?
  • Have alienated loved ones or lost important relationships?
  • Feel hopeless?

Have you accepted this dark, empty, stagnant existence?

If you feel defeated. If you’ve lost all hope of ever having a happy, healthy life. Let’s walk the path to a happy, healthy, successful, fulfilling life together. You can live a life full of health and happiness. Trauma will be something you experienced and no longer something that controls your life.

My name is Jennifer Shepley and I want to lead you out of your darkness and into a place where you can shine.

You can have the life you desire.


How do I know?

Because I have been in the depths of darkness. I was drowning in hopelessness and I threw myself a life preserver. I want you to know there is a way out.

After a series of traumatic life events, I found myself facing a potentially serious medical condition. I didn’t know whether or not I would live to see my 38th birthday. The events of the previous three years had left me so hopeless and full of negativity, that I never entertained the thought that everything might be OK.  I planned and even made arrangements for the worst case scenario.

When I came to after surgery, I received the news that I never even considered, I was going to be just fine.

It was at that moment when I truly realized what a dark, empty life I was living.  I wanted to be the vibrant, positive, “anything is possible” woman I was before trauma crept in and took over my life.  I made a promise to myself that I would find her and come back better than ever.
I set my goal, but HOW would I achieve it?

In addition to my corporate career, I always had one foot in the health industry.  Through the years I had obtained several certifications in both fitness and nutrition, I KNEW there was power in food and that it can be used as medicine.

During my difficult divorce I had also discovered the wonderful benefits of yoga and meditation.

Everything started to come together … Had I spent all of my time and efforts learning about food and healthy habits in order to heal myself when the time came? Yes, and now was the time!

During my long recovery, I formulated a plan, a plan to heal my ailing body, cloudy mind and fractured soul.  I took control of my health, my future and my life – did it work?  Hell, yes!

Where am I now?

Things are very different for me, I live a life I never thought possible.  I healed myself and came out on top. I’m not the same woman I was before trauma took over, I’m better!

I healed, took those experiences, learned and grew from them and I blossomed into someone that I never knew existed.

  • I left my corporate career, for a fulfilling coaching career where I could help other women who feel destined to spend their lives just trying to survive.
  • I furthered my education and obtained an Integrative Nutrition Certification through one of the top schools in the world.
  • I’m physically healthier and stronger than I was 20 years ago.
  • I opened myself up to relationships, thus meeting and marrying a wonderful man.
  • My soul is at peace.
  • I am enjoying great health, true happiness, fulfillment and peace.  All of which have opened doors to bigger successes in all aspects of my life!

Now, I want to help you do the same.

There is no one better to help you climb that hill than someone who has conquered that hill herself.

I want you to look forward to the rest of your life, to see all of the possibilities and to find the peace within.

Many trauma victims believe antidepressants or other medications will heal them, or at least numb them enough to make it through the day.  Others believe therapists are the answer, that talking to someone who read a book on what they’re experiencing will somehow be able to get to the deep darkness brewing inside.  However, those methods aren’t for you.

I believe in both holistic AND traditional medicine, I believe they can work independently or together.  But what I TRULY believe is, there is a holistic approach to healing from trauma that was designed by someone who has bottomed out in the pool of pure hopelessness and who took herself from surviving to thriving.

I don’t want you to spend one more day, hour, minute or second believing that there is nothing more for you.

Healing yourself from this trauma will open you up to the endless possibilities ahead.  There is health, happiness, peace, joy and success ahead.

I created “Holistic Healing from Trauma” for you, let me show you how to heal yourself and live a life you never thought possible!










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*These results aren’t guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to heal the effects of trauma. However, my goal is to help you organize and identify what steps need to be taken to heal the effects of trauma on your body, mind and soul, and create a life in which you can not only live, but thrive!