The Core Benefits

What will you take away from “Holistic Healing from Trauma”?

During this six month holistic program you will learn how to heal your body, mind and soul.  You’ve already been through a significant life event, my program will take you through a series of gentle changes to your diet and lifestyle.  These changes have a cumulative effect on your health and well-being, you will feel physically healthier, gain mental clarity and open your soul to receiving joy and sharing your inner calm and peace with others.

Clients work with me, most of all, because I provide a safe place in which they can heal and grow.  I am compassionate, relatable, educated and experienced. I also hold them accountable for their responsibility in their healing process, so they can live a life where they thrive.

How It Works

  • 1:1 Customer Support
  • Biweekly 50 minutes sessions (12 sessions total)
  • Six Check-in Sessions (15 minutes)
  • Resources
  • Articles and lessons regarding nutrition, exercise, mental clarity and mindfulness
  • Full email access to me, submit any questions directly to me at any time


I’m also including these tools to help you through this healing process:

  1. A gentle yoga video – I will record a gentle yoga sequence, tailored to your ability, to help you feel supported and refreshed during your transition. ($80 value)
  2. Monthly recipe recommendations – Check your inbox each month for delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy, and you don’t have to have mad culinary skills either! ($30 value)
  3. Worksheets – you will receive three worksheets, one at the beginning of each phase of the program. These worksheets will help you understand yourself in different ways and bring many “Ah-Ha” moments. ($ Priceless)

The first phase focuses on your physical health.

Month 1

You will have an understanding of your dietary habits and the effects they have on your physical health. You will have clear goals that enable you to adopt healthy eating habits. These habits are the first step in overall physical healing.

Month 2

You will understand the importance of food quality and know how to eat better food without breaking the bank.  You will understand nutritional labels and dietary terms. In addition, you will learn about the effects of processed foods and ways to avoid them.

Month 3

You will understand why you eat, identify triggers and gain strategies to avoid them. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the healthy effects of physical exercise and set exercise goals to achieve a strong vessel.

The second phase focuses on mental health and clarity.

Month 4

You are feeling great, physically!  This month you will gain clarity and identify items that clutter your space and you mind. You will understand the benefits of purging and how it benefits you. Your inner and outer space becomes calm and organized.

Month 5

You know which relationships serve you and take action to purge those that don’t. You are liberated and confident as you release toxic people and relationships. A very heavy weight is lifted.

Your inner strength allows you to squash dangerous or self-sabotaging habits. You will focus your energy on mentally healthy habits. You are creating a positive inner space in which to live.

The third phase focuses on finding peace from within yourself.

Month 6

In this phase you will discover and embrace the people and/or things that bring you joy. You will access the peace that lives inside you, and allow it to heal your soul.

You are living a life you never thought possible! You are physically strong and healthy. You have mental clarity and the ability to focus and plan for success. The peace from within your soul fills your body and invites all things positive into your life. You are thriving!

*These results aren’t guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to heal the effects of trauma. However, my goal is to help you organize and identify what steps need to be taken to heal the effects of trauma on your body, mind and soul, and create a life in which you can not only live, but thrive!